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Trillium Creek Primary

2015-16 Grade Level Team Introductions

Kindergarten Teachers

Kindergarten is a year full of wondrous learning, opportunities for investigation, exploration, and imagination!  We believe that every child is a valuable part of our unique learning community.  We are committed to ensuring that each child is challenged and given the opportunity to shine. Welcome to Kindergarten!

Elissa Blackhurst, Christine Frisiras, Tiffany Jones, Heather Work

First Grade Teachers

The first grade team enthusiastically welcomes your child to join in the journey of exploration and wonder.  We will work as a team to challenge and meet the needs of your unique learner.  We look forward to this exciting school year.  Go owls!  Vamos buhos!

Corinne Mosser, Kristi Olson, Andrea Alexander, and Rosa Sotelo-Dominguez

First Grade
Second Grade

Second Grade Teachers 

We are looking forward to a wonderful year with your second grade learner. This year we will be busy listening and learning from each other, exploring and observing, and having lots of fun! We look forward to empowering your kids with the tools necessary to become captains of their own learning here at Trillium Creek Primary! 

We are so excited to be working and learning together as a team!

Sara Provost, Mary Teel, Kelly Almon,  and Gibelle Vázquez


Third Grade Teachers

We are excited to take this wonderful journey with you and your child.  We look forward to a year full of wonder, friendship, and learning as we explore and experience the exciting world around us.

Ainara Lillegren, Alexis Harmon, Andrea Kurtin, and Lynn Pattison  

Third Grade
Fourth Grade


Fourth Grade Teachers

We invite you to join us as we Journey, Explore, and Discover the wonders of the fourth grade landscape.  As students shine a light to lead the way, teachers follow closely, asking guiding questions and helping to map the territory toward new understandings.


David Munoz, Jacquie Banet,  and Grant Lemke    


Fifth Grade Teachers

Always connected

No one on the outside



Go full circle


As the fifth grade teachers, we bring energy, excitement, and enthusiasm for the myriad of opportunities and possibilities that await us in the new year!

Kelly Fennell, Travis Bullard, Noelle Fels and  Holly Grabow 

Fifth Grade


We have the unique opportunity of fostering the growth, development and learning of ALL students during their years at Trillium Creek.  Trillium Creek's specialists reach out to students across the school.  We are committed to the District's visions of educating the whole child.  Collectively, we strive to enrich each child's experience at Trillium Creek. 

Christine Branden:  School Psychologist
Dorothy Valentine:  Learning Specialist
Dina Soriano: Counselor/Teacher on Special Assignment
Stacy Ball:  Speech/Language Teacher
Kelly Myers: Music Teacher
Chris Lohbeck: Learning Specialist
Jason  Hobson: Instructional Coordinator Primary Level
Not pictured - Lindsay Riley: Teacher-Librarian 
Ryan Lindell: PE/Wellness Teacher 
Kate Donegan: Instructional Coordinator

Office Team

Welcome to Trillium Creek Primary School!  We want our school to be inviting and a place where children, parents, staff and community members feel comfortable and able to ask questions or get information.  Together, we provide support and direction for the needs of our school community.  We look forward to working with you to create a strong, positive school! 

Teri Mays, Kim Vermillion, and Charlotte Morris


Instructional Assistants

We support the staff and students at Trillium Creek Primary School.  Together, we provide comfort, safety, and instruction to support student learning in the classroom.  We see children throughout the school day in many settings and believe that our work is important to the education of each and every child. 

Melissa Bianchi, Claudia Bottaro, Cheryl Brown, Lisa Cozzi,   Silvia Gitler, Juanamaria Rosales Gonzalez, Alisha Goodman, Tilly Hoffberg, Erin Johnson, Heather Johnston, Jenny Kling, Trish Nelson, Anne Roholt, Tonya Root, Olga Van Tassle,      Doreen Vokes