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Trillium Creek Primary School

Welcome to Trillium Creek Primary School!

Principal’s Message

It is with excitement and appreciation that I welcome you to Trillium Creek Primary School! The dream of Trillium Creek Primary School, filled with the laughter, joy and curiosity of children, is now a reality. The students, staff and families are partnering together, creating our own story and building a strong foundation for an exceptional primary school.

One of the many things that excite me about the opening of Trillium Creek Primary is that students, staff and families, have a rare opportunity to build a new school community and create the school culture. While Trillium Creek is the start of a new school community, its foundation lies in the mission question and vision themes of the West Linn-Wilsonville School District.

District Mission Question:

How do we create learning communities for the greatest thinkers and most thoughtful people for the world?

District Vision Themes:

Personal and Academic Excellence

Personalized Education

Circle of Support

Educate the "Whole" Person Intellectually, Emotionally, Physically, Ethically

Integrating Technology Into Daily Learning

Community Partnerships: Expanding Beyond the Classroom

When the Trillium Creek teachers met last summer, we explored the complexity that comes with starting a new school and took time reflecting upon what we hope to be a 21st Century education using the District mission question as our foundation. After a June 2012 visit to the school building and the expansive wetland areas on site, teachers came together, describing their hopes, their dreams and what they want for the children and all who come to this place we call Trillium Creek Primary. We took note of special words and language that best described our thinking. This then came together into what is now our staff and school’s vision around the words: Explore, Dream, Challenge and Journey. Be sure to read our school vision document that we wrote together. It’s located under Our School on our website. I trust that you, too, will be inspired!

The name of the school, Trillium Creek, is a powerful metaphor. This spring I had the opportunity to see Trillium Creek bubbling up, connecting to other springs and flowing together. I envisioned it meandering down the hill into the Willamette River and eventually the world beyond. Just like Trillium Creek, every child who attends the school will have a beginning in this special place that fosters academic learning, inquiry, and habits of mind. The years the children spend at Trillium Creek Primary will lay a foundation for their future schooling and career paths. Children will come to the school filled with the curiosities of childhood and will leave with a deepened sense of who they are as learners, thinkers and members of the community. I look forward to strengthening the bonds between families, teachers and the community that will support us along the journey of creating a new school culture. We will all be able to look back and tell the story of being at the beginning of what will become a wonderful school community. I hope to meet everyone involved in our school community and to work alongside you in writing our story together! The foundation of what will become an exceptional school community will be built upon our collective and deeply held belief in children, the power of their curiosities, the strength of their voices and their care for our world. It’s an honor to have the opportunity to be part of the Trillium Creek story!

Charlotte Morris, Principal